Bucket Screen

Sorting shovels


Bucket Screen buckets for screening all loose materials.
8mm a 16mm sizes of screened fractions, both fractions already included in the price of the bucket.
HARDOX as standard on the most used parts of the bucket.
ANTISTICK the non-stick surface of part of the bucket, for faster and easier work.


Return on investment within one year!

It can be used on all loose materials.


Fractions included in the delivered machine


Bucket screen MODEL Hydraulics Bucket screen
Excavator (ton) Loader (ton) Flow Pressure Weight Capacity Screening area
2-shalt screening buckets
BS 04/2 1.0t N/A 40l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 140 kg 0.05m3 300 x 400mm
BS 06/2 1.0t N/A 40l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 175 kg 0.07m3 300 x 560mm
BS 08/2 1.7t N/A 40l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 205 kg 0.09m3 300 x 760mm
BS 10/2 1.7t N/A 40l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 240 kg 0.12m3 300 x 960mm
3-shalt screening buckets
BS 06/3 2.0t N/A 55l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 240 kg 0.12m3 430 x 560mm
BS 08/3 3.0t N/A 55l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 290 kg 0.17m3 430 x 760mm
BS 10/3 4.0t N/A 65l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 360 kg 0.22m3 430 x 960mm
BS 12/3 5.0t 2.0t 65l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 405 kg 0.25m3 430 x 1160mm
BS 14/3 7.0t 3.0t 65l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 450 kg 0.30m3 430 x 1360mm
BS 16/3 7.0t 3.0t 65l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 510 kg 0.34m3 430 x 1560mm
4-shalt screening buckets
BS 10/4 7t N/A 90l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 560 kg 0.35m3 615 x 960mm
BS 12/4 10t 6.0t 90l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 600 kg 0.40m3 615 x 1160mm
BS 14/4 13t 6.0t 90l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 660 kg 0.45m3 615 x 1360mm
BS 16/4 16t 8.0t 90l/min 200BAR/2900PSI 720 kg 0.5m3 615 x 1560mm
5-shalt screening buckets
BS 12/5 16t 6.0t 150l/min 200BAR/2900PSI
BS 14/5 16t 6.0t 150l/min 200BAR/2900PSI
BS 16/5 16t 8.0t 150l/min 200BAR/2900PSI
6-shalt screening buckets
BS 14/6 20t 10t 150l/min 200BAR/2900PSI
BS 16/6 20t 10t 150l/min 200BAR/2900PSI

All technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

For all machines: warranty of 24 months or 1000 engine hours.